It's Been a Long Time

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Hi Everyone

It has been a really long time since I have posted on the board. I took it very hard when we lost Glenna. I needed a break and was just busy living my life as normally as possible. I had a great run on Tarceva which gave me 18 months of relativly normal life with few side effects.  In May it was discovered I had a return of the beast in my collarbones, one adrenal gland, and some scattered tiny spots in my lungs.  Doctor took me off Tarceva and I am back to chemo for 6 rounds.  My cocktail this time is Carbo and Alimta which is not as bad as the Cisplatin and Vinerelbine chemo I had 3 years ago. I have had 2 rounds and go back for number 3 on Wednesday. I had a CT yesterday to see how it is working. If this works, the plan is to keep me on a 21 day maintenece chemo with Alimta only.  Doc says I am also a candidate for Afatinib if we need to go there. Does anyone have any experience with Afatinib? I still work full time although I will say the Alimta makes one VERY tired even with a normal amount of sleep!  Great to see so many of my "old friends" are still kickin'!



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    Likewise ...

    ... glad to see you are still kicking! Riding the Xalkori train here with success since November 2012. I have no experience as yet with the drugs you mention; just saying hi.

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    Hi Mamacita, Its nice to see you, although sorry you had to come back.  I visit the Inspire web site also as theres a lot more activity there and a ton of information.  I'll bet if you go to Inspire and put in Afatinib for a search there will be information and survivors that are on that.  I wish you well. Lori

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    Welcome Back

    Know that you were missed as were your insite and compassion.  So glad you are still out there kicking!