Kidney Transplant and Kidney Cancer?

Hello, I am a kidney transplant recipient and was recently diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma.  I will be having a radical nephrectomy on Friday 08/30.  I am just wondering if anyone else here has had a kidney transplant and been diagnosed with kidney cancer?

Looking at the CT scan the doctor doesn't think it has spread (which is great news) but it seems that my situation might be unusual? 

Hoping to chat with you if you have had the same experience!  Or with anyone who can give me some advice on tacking this next challenge in my life.

I am very nervous about the surgery even thought it will be my 5th surgery.  

I am so glad there is a group like this and looking forward to here from you!  :) 


  • Eskimo lily
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    Hi scrapin girl

    I'm sorry you've had to find all of us here, I've also only recently joined but you'll soon learn, there's a bunch of very very supportive and helpful people on this network.


    do you know if your tumor has encapsulated? Is the rcc from the kidney that you received? Are you seeing a special urological oncologist?


    if you're having a radical nephrectomy done, I think it might be safe to get a ct done of other areas (chest, abdo, pelvis) just to be safe, but that's just my own opinion to have peace of mind, especially if he just thinks it hasn't spread. A nephrectomy is usually the first line of treatment for rcc's, so it sounds like youre headed in the right direction. If it turns out it hasn't spread anywhere, it's standard to have a ct done every 3 months just to check any new growths.

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    hi scrapingurl, i am sorry

    hi scrapingurl, i am sorry you have joined us here but there are some lovely people here with lots of good, honest help, support and advice.  get your surgery over with and then you can face the rest!!  looking at the date you hopefully are over the op and on the road to recovery....

    eims x