Radiation after resection surgery anyone?

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Although there is no pathological evidence my cancer has invaded my prominent lymph nodes (needle aspiration negative, but of course that  is no guarantee since it couldn't sample all the tissue), my surgeon wants to do adjuvant radiation before resection since the bowel function is poor, if radiation follows surgery. Has anyone had this experience?


  • lp1964
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    As far as I know...

    ...most of the time radiation is done before surgery to reduce the size of the tumor and treat possible affected lymph nodes in the area. Now you have to wait 6-8 weeks after radiation to do the surgery, because the healing would be compromised because of the radiation. I'm sure sometimes they do radiation way after surgery if indicated, but they cannot do it too soon and more than the allowed radiation amount. These issues have to be discussed with your doctors in detail.

    Goog luck with everything.