Slight anal bleeding.

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The way most of us found out that we have cancer is that we had blood in our stool. So did I. However 2-3 weeks into the radiation and Xeloda it stopped and so did my pain. I finished radiation about a month ago and I am on my second Folfox. I still don't see blood in my stool, but when I wipe the tissue paper is light pink. Me and my doctors are waiting one more month before surgery. I ask my doctors next week, but is it possible that this pink tissue paper is due to the healing of radiation demage? Or chemo or my rectal cancer is getting active again?

My question is: did any of you have any anal bleeding during or after Chemo?





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    I am almost 5 years post-treatment and have had many occasions where I will bleed slightly.  After radiation, the skin is very friable and it only takes one bout of constipation and/or hard stool to cause bleeding.  You may have some radiation proctitis and one of the symptoms of that is rectal bleeding.  I think a large percentage of people who have had pelvic radiation can expect it now and then.  I know it's alarming, so just keep close watch and if it worsens, make sure to let your doctors know.  I'm sure, though, that it is just some radiation damage acting up.