Yup, it's CCRCC

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I was called into my GP's office today for the biopsy results.  Apparently the results were back Tues night, but she was unable to reach the Urologist who ordered it, and he's "out of the office" until at least Monday.  So my poor GP had to do the dirty deed :(.  Anyway, yes, I officially have RCC.  That makes 2 confirmed cancers in 13 months.  A 2-fer if you will.  Sigh.


Here's an excerpt from my Path report:


Diagnoses: L Renal tumor.  Ct guided Core needle biopsy.  Features consitent with CLEAR CELL (CONVENTIONAL) RENAL CELL CARCINOMA.  Imaging demonstrates solid neoplasm measuring 1.5cm.


MICROSCOPIC:  The tumor cells are arranged in cords and tubules with optically clear cytoplasm and condensed small nuclei without obvious nucleoli.  The features are consistent with Furhmann Grade 1/4.


So...there you have it.  I'm seeing the 2nd opinion Uro on Monday to "talk options"  Rfa is off the table due to my "complicated hilum" but truthfully, none of the doctors want me waiting until at least January to be booked for it.  Likely I'm looking at a rad neph- partial is complicated and wasn't recommended due to the tumor's proximity to my adrenal gland.  Sigh.  I knew it would be this answer, but hearing/reading it was still shocking.  Onto a bone scan now. 


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    enough already


    Welcome anyway. I know the last thing you wanted to do was join our club with your other Cancer issues. Looking at the bright side the RCC is very small and you should fully recover from it albeit you have had enough cancer to deal with already. Things will get better .



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    It is hard enough dealing with the one problem! you have had a lot do deal with recently. If there is any consolation in this at all, it is that the tumour was still very small, and at long last you have a definitive answer. The hassle with all the appointments, and painful testing is over! It doesn't look like you will have to wait long to get this over with. I waited about six weeks, which was a little bit of a stretch. All the best for next week!

    Djinnie x

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    Thank you :).  It won't be

    Thank you :).  It won't be happening for a while yet.  I have to find a surgeon first.  We fired the uro I had as he was a complete b*stard.  Not only that, but things do not move quickly here.  I'm also in the middle of a major thyroid cancer recurrence, and dealing with all those appointments too.  The kidney is the easier issue, and the one I'm least afraid of.  Surgery won't happen for a while yet- probably 3+ months.  I have to go on a wait list once I'm actually booked in for a lap partial.  I realized that even if RFA were still possible, I'm not exactly confident in it anyway.  There are no guarantees it will work, and the followup schedule is too much.  CT's every 2 months for 2 years? Too much radiation.


    Anyway, I'm supposedly receiving a call tomorrow from a surgeon's office, but I'm sure I'll be sitting by the phone all week-except when I'm at my other appointments 3 other days.