Hi all,


My mum was admitted to the hospital last Thursday with nausea, vomiting and severe pain in abdo....they x rayed and saw a slight obstruction...The treated this with fluids, plenty of pain releif and some stool softner...she went on her own saturday mornign and was home saturday afternoon....


She has still been a little sore but seemed to be improving and was on a low fibre diet with lactolose to keep everything soft....Last night she had diareha and vomiting again....Is this normal? she has stopped today but just feeling drained....


Is the recovery this hard from a slight bowel obstruction?


Thnks in advance


  • steveandnat
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    Check with doctor

    Sounds like this is going to be an on going problem and could get worse. If it is an obstruction they may have to do something to get rid of it. Pray she feels better soon. Jeff

  • herdizziness
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    I have no idea, can only assume they are going to have to check into the bowel obstruction a little further.  I remember when I had one it was throwing up and no diarrhea.  I have a another one now (see surgeon next week to see what date to remove it) from a tumor and it just is painful before I have to go to the bathroom, guessing it's stuff making it's way around it, but no diarrhea or vomiting with this one, so I'm guessing they are all different in how they make you feel and our different bodies reaction to them.  Wish I could be of further help.

    Let us know how she is doing.

    Winter Marie