HDIL2 Round 2 Delayed

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To all,

I apologise for not posting in a while but I had to take a break from all things cancer related. It was refreshing and sure makes you appreciate all of the survivors and caregivers that do not take a break and are on the site to help all of the newbies with their obvious concerns, you have a place in heaven.

My phase 2 has been delayed by a week as my creaton and billy reuben (who is that guy in me anyway?) have not gotten back to norm but are close. Seems as though the HDIL2 kicked my kidney and liver right in the old keester. My doctor described thier journey as something similar to being in WW2. Anyway, I am feeling great, still itching some with a little hyper tension, but actually played 18 holes Saturday under cloudy-cool conditions and shot well on the back 9 after getting my body to react to my brain on the front 9.

Fox explained the treatment to the T again and I concur with all, especially the cost. The first bill (minus the last 5 days in the hospital) was 175K, thank goodness for great insurance. I have never in my life been so eager to get back into something so rough as HDIL2, but it is amazing what the mind and body will yearn for when options are limited.

Mental and Physical therapy are different strokes for different folks, that is what makes the world turn. I am very greatful for all strokes, as those of you who have religiously kept the watch on this site and helped all those in need> I am also grateful to God for allowing me to disconnect from it all for a while to regain my the little sanity that I possessed prior to this treatment.

I will continue to post here and there along the way to keep everyone up to date on my progress. I truly appreciate all of the support along the way and admire you all for your courage in the fight against cancer. Now go LIVE, LEARN, LAUGH and LOVE!!

Sincerely, Bellweather