Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 use with chemotherapy and L-glutamine for mouth sores

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I am not taking my regular antioxidant regimen during chemotherapy, but I had researched the need for B6 and B12.  Has anyone had this experience?  Also, using L-glutamine powder has been recommended for mouth sores during chemotherapy.  I am using a baking soda/salt water rinse after every meal, but should I do this more often?  Has anyone used L-glutamine successfullly and how often? I am thinking of using the L-glutamine powder in water as a rinse.


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    Talk to your DR

    Talk to your Dr(s)!  I took B Complex throughout A/C and Taxol with my Dr's approval.  I also took D.

    I have no clue about l-glutamine.

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