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Hello to my fellow survivors and survivors to be! I just joined this site. This is the first time I have EVER posted about my journey with the cowardly kidney cancer RCC that I was diagnosed with in November of 2005. Before I joined I read just about every post regarding our specific journey with this disease. I was deeply touched about your fears, doubts, and strengths...all the emotions. I wrote a short article on CNN iReporte back in April of this year as an outlet to express my feelings about my journey and how family and friends became my salvation. I would love if you could take time to read it: I am cancer free now 8 years on December 8th, 2013!!!! I wish all people dealing with cancer in any form my heartfelt care and concern that you/we enjoy a most fruitful future filled with good health, happiness, and the love of family and friends. Cancer can kiss my butt!


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    Very well said.


    Your story is my story and the story of at least half of those on this board where the beast was caught early.


    I am at 11 years and now 70.  Faye across the sreet is at 18 years and now 82.