Swollen armpit lymph nodes:



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    Swollen armpit lymph nodes

    hate to be bothering y'all with this but needing help on deciding weather to take this seriously or not ! 

    After my last child I had an ugly clover looking Mole come up on top of my private area about inch from my cesarean scar , but not only one there was 2 ! After while as it got bigger I went to Dr and she wanted to send it off and have it tested but unfortunately no insurance so Dr said don't worry about it but if it ever came back to definitely have it tested! Well it's been back for a year or so now haven't been keeping up with it could have been 2 or over, but this time it came back but with extra mole, haven't really been bothered with it until about 4 weeks ago it started itching a lil so I got to looking and noticed where it looked like it was spreading clear light pinkish color inbetween the original two moles, but in to different areas off each mole. That made me start wondering , it's been in the back of my mind with 2 teenagers ,9 yr Old and hubby I stay super busy never on my butt always on my feet(very known for it). It's been creeping up here and there so I got to looking and came across this post soon as I typed in swollen lymph nodes in the search engine! Read a bunch of the comments and had to open an account so maybe someone can ease my mind a little! So anyways about a year ago or longer I've had 2 lymph nodes that came up and they flare  here and there no pain really have a little irritation here and there , burning feeling sometimes when I stretch to far, I've hit it a few times reaching out car for mailbox and one time in tub and that hurt, felt like a funny bone for a good 30 secs to minute or so then fine! Some days are worse than others! as days been going by I feel as my bones are getting weaker , hard to move sometimes , some days worse than others! Here these last couple of weeks I've been getting tension in the back of my neck  but feels like a lymph node but can't hardly tell but I get the same feeling as when I stretch my arm! Now I'm starting to get a little more concerne, it's not all the time but seems more and more closer . I have a it of headaches which I thought was just allergies but it seems daily now, my blood pressure was 176/101 3 weeks ago when I went to dr I don't know how long it has been doing that since I haven't been to Dr in about 4 yrs. Now my blood pressure is staying elevated a lot these last few weeks seems high everyday now ! I started charting it plus my machine holds 200 in memory.