Pain - three years later

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I had a abdoperineal resection three (plus) years ago.  It was a rough go but I've made it with great success.

My concern now is I get a dull pain in my bottom - an ache kind of from time to time.  I'm very active and work hard in 

my garden and I'm thinking I might have over done it.  Does anyone have these sensations or has anyone any

experienced similar sensations?  



  • mp327
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    I'm sorry you are having some pain.  I am not much help, I'm afraid.  I had chemo/rad but no APR, so I cannot relate to your specific type of pain.  However, if you have been doing a lot of gardening, it could simply be muscular in nature and will heal on its own in time.  I hope this is the case for you. 

  • eihtak
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    Hi, I am a little over 2 years post treatment for anal cancer treated with (chemo, rad, and I have a loop colostomy.) I have had occasional dull pain in the anal area. In my case I have daily mucus discharge especially in the am or if I'm more physically active than usual (and I am pretty active also.) I have noticed that the pain sometimes co-insides with a larger amount of mucus. Usually I don't give it a second thought but a couple times it was a little concerning and lasted quite a while, it was similar to a throbbing toothache! I took a couple aleve and was good to go. When I mentioned it to my doctor, he examined me and felt it was related to possible scar tissue involving some nerve ends and said it may happen from time to time but felt just one of those things that would have to live with. I only had real discomfort a couple times, so for now it seems to not be much of an issue. If yours is persistent I would surely mention this to your doctor. Good luck, stay in touch!