partial nephrectomy post-op issues

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I am 2 weeks out from a partial nephrectomy on the right side. My recovery has been pretty typical until a few days ago when I started to have some diarrhea. It has persisted for about 5 days now. Also, I had some oozing from one of my incisions. I called the doctor who had me send him a picture and he wasn't too concerned given that my urine output was good and I wasn't experiencing any back pain. Also, he didn't think the incision looked infected at all. Has anyone experienced anything similar? I have a sensitive stomach (irritable bowel syndrome) but I'm wondering how long I should put up with this diarrhea before calling the doctor back.


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    Post op issues

    Hi Emy, 

    Firstly welcome to this site, I am glad to hear you have your op out of the way. I just wondered if the incision that is oozing, does it have sutures? Sometimes as the body breaks the suture down you can get some pus. My aftercare paperworks states ' If the area around the site is not burning, inflamed or feels hard to the touch and any oozing is clear to light in colour, then there is no fear of infection'. 


    However! in light of you sufferring diarrhea for five days, it would be wise to see your doctor. If the surgeon won't see you then your primary care doctor should. You don't want to risk becoming dehydrated, your body has enough to deal with right now. It may be the meds or just the inner disruption that is affecting your bowel, but it would be wise to get checked and reassured about both problems.


    All the best

    Djinnie x