Good check-up!!

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I have been feeling good for a while now but seeking that confirmation to ease the never-ending lingering thing that is always in the back of our minds. My scans and x-rays last month came back mostly clear with the usual little "freckles" that we'll keep an eye on. Last week I met with a new colo-rectal doctor and although I just didn't care for him, the exam seemed very thorough, he saw no areas of concern and reaffirmed that a colostomy reversal would be unsuccessful so best to leave well enough alone, which I am already ok with but was good to hear again anyhow so as not to wonder.......I also had a pap/pelvic with a new gyn/onc who was recommended after mine passed away in an accident and (since my combination of breast cancer and family history of ovarian cancer) the onc part was important. He and his NP were soooo GREAT!!!!! We talked for over an hour and also a good exam. My onc that treated the anal cancer, and I have been talking about a hysterectomy as preventative, but just unsure of risks versus benefits in my case. This doctor helped me in feeling confident to also leave well enough alone in this area. The combination of scar tissue, stenosis, and previous abdominal surgery make it VERY risky with almost certain complications especially involving said ostomy and bladder. I have been through genetic testing and do not carry the mutated brac gene (relation to breast/ovarian ca) so am going to quit thinking that I will follow in my mothers footsteps that way. They did not feel my risk of ovarian ca was concerning. I left feeling really well checked and felt good! So as not to be caught off guard, I will though continue to carry that lingering thing in my head, I don't think it is really in our power not to, and I will continue to be compliant on follow-up scans and exams, but for today.....I'm well, and hope the same for all of you.

Also, my interview on HPV/cancer went great....a lot was cut when it aired but even a little info is better than none! Thanks for all the support on that.

As always, all in my prayers.


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    I am so glad to hear your positive news! Sounds like all your doctors are being very thorough and that you trust them, which is really a great feeling!

    I hope you continue to enjoy each new day! You are inspiring! Thanks for having the courage to speak about anal cancer!
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    Congratulations! That is

    Congratulations! That is wonderful news!!! :)


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    where can I see your

    where can I see your interview please?

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    Great news!  I hope you feel relieved and reassured that you are making all the right decisions concerning your health.  I'm glad your interview aired, even in an abbreviated form.  Any good info on HPV is better than none!  Good job!

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    Thanks for sharing your update with us.  I'm glad you had a positive experience with your new gyno.  It's great when you have a good rapport with a doctor and staff.  Sounds like you're doing all that you can to stay aware and healthy.  I'm also glad you had the opportunity to do interview.  Thank you.

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    ...what you have been through you really deserve a break. 

    I wish you health and happiness, the rest we can buy.