LGL Leukemia - Stem cell transplant or Bone Marrow Transplant - have you had one?

Yarnwrap Member Posts: 1

Dear LGL family,

Yes, at 25 I was told my a specialist I had LGL - Leukemia. He said it was found mainly in women and men in their 60's. I know I love to craft - crochet and knit and be a 'granny' at heart but I was relieved to find there was a reason behind the skin infections and mouth ulcers I had suffered from for years. I got on with life. I felt so good after a week of GCSF

Now after perhaps 15 years of GCSF, a year of Cyclosporine (big failure), recent Methotrexate, 4 hospital visits on intravenous antibiotics (over the years)  and 16 months of chronic illness including a hospital stay, anemia, infections and daily antibiotics for numerous infections, including 6 weeks of gum disease - I am down for a Stem cell transplant or Bone Marrow transplant when a donor is found.

Yes, I always though I was 'unlucky but lucky' compared to other cancer patients in my ward.  Has anyone had one.

 regards Yarnwrap in Melbourne