Slightly Lobular Lesion on my Liver

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Hello all,

I am new to this site and have been searching for answers on a recent MRI Scan.

The report stated -

In the posterior lateral subcostal aspect of the right lobe in sgement 7, there is a 2.1cm slightly lobular T2 hyperintense T1 hypointense lesion.  The lesion reveals slight peripheral enhancement starting at 5 minutes after contrast administartion.  There is no significant splenic, renal, pancreas and adrenal gland lesion.  Small right renal cyst.  No gallstone.  No biliary tree dilatation.  No AAA or bulky adenopathy.  No gross ascites.

This is not consistent with a classic hamangioma.  Depends on the patient's risk for carcinoma, consider biopsy correlation versus continue close follow up.

Any idea what they are trying to say here?  All I can find by searching the web is a death sentence and even though im not afraid to die, I do want more information before I tell my family what is going on.  Right now I am just looking to calm my own nerves and be able to stay strong enought to continue this search for the facts.

I am scheduled for a liver biopsy in about 5 weeks.  That seems to make me feel better thinking that if it was too serious they would get me in faster.  Can anyone shed some light on this report.

Thanks for everything.  And everyone out there stay strong. 


Thanks, Jeffrey  (AKA - TX Steeler)



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    Hope all is well with you,

    Hope all is well with you, and hoping you found the answers you are seeking. In 2002, I had an MRI show a lesion my left hepatic lobe. The original Doctor didn't know if it was consistant with a hemangioma. After several scans, and several doctors it was determined it was a hemangioma. I know it can be scary, but keep the faith, and I pray that you are doing will now. I have had it for 11 years, and the lesion has not changed. Good luck