Non small cell Adenocarcinoma

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Had first appt with my Dad today. Dr has recommended either Cisplatin and Etoposide together or doing Carboplatin. He has been diagnosed with Stage III A lung cancer with lymph node involvement. He is 68 and in very good health. He will also have daily radiation for 6 weeks.  Any advice on which way to procede would be helpful


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    Welcome to the ASC survivor

    Welcome to the ASC survivor boards.   My mom had adenocarcinoma and I now have it too.  So loads of experience and advice here.  I had cisplatin and etopicide.  They biggest side effects for me were neuropathy and tinnitus. The first day of infusion will be the longest ever as they monitor your response.Stock up on plastic forks and spoons. Platin chemos cause a metallic taste in the mouth and plastic off sets that. Also, make sure you have stool softeners. Stay hydrated. When you think you've had enough liquid, have some more.  Do take all steroids as directed to prevent nausea. Later they may affect your sleep, but they really do make a huge difference.  My hair thinned but never went bald.  No way to predict who will or will not lose all their hair on this doublet.  

    It's past my bedtime now so more for you later.