Sad news...

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Hi everyone,

Just wanting to deliver some sad news about Steve.  He passed away this afternoon at about 1:30. 

Yesterday morning I was on my way to the hospital when my cell rang.  I was expecting that Steve would be discharged and that I would finally get him home.  A nurse asked me to please come to the hospital as Steve was having trouble breathing and his b/p was very low.  She said he was being assessed by the Intensive Care Unit.  When I arrived there were fifteen people in his room.  Lots of excitement.  Tests showed a blood clot had travelled to his lung and his kidneys were shutting down.  A lengthy conversation ensued and the end result was that Steve did not want to be kept alive in the ICU, he wanted to be kept as comfortable as possible.  We moved to a private room and all monitors and meds were stopped.  My parents, brother and I were with him the entire time.  It took 24 hours.  He just was so strong and such a fighter.  He didn't want to give up.  We all assured him that he put up a strong fight and told him how much he meant to us.  Nothing was left unsaid.  Watching him pass away was the most difficult thing I will ever do in my lifetime.  I think it was peaceful and I hope he did not suffer.

My family has been a wonderful support.  But I know that they are not always going to be there.  I just don't know how I am going to get on with my life without him.  He was the most wonderful husband....  I just loved being with him....I feel so lost.

I plan to stay involved with CSN, like Tina and Cynthia.  I want to be able to help others to benefit from what I have learned over the past 27 months.  I want as much good to come from Steve's experience as possible.

His corneas have been donated for transplant.  He would be so pleased to know that he has helped someone gain their sight.  His organs have been donated to science.  He really loved to help people and I think he would have been very proud to know that others will benefit from his loss.

Thank you to you all.

Love Chelsea



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    Thank You For Sharing

    Please accept my condolences.  It was a long and valiant fight.  

    Peace and comfort to all...Art

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    My condolences Chelsea. I
    My condolences Chelsea. I wish I had words to help. Your post is so eloquent and beautiful and I am just so sorry for your loss. I'm glad your family was there to support you and Steve. Take care of yourself.
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    My condolences

    I am sorry for your loss. 


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    My sincerest condolences

    Words seem so inadequate at times like these.  Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.


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    My condolences yo you!!! Sometimes I wonder why I have been privileged to live to 81???

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    I could barely bring myself

    I could barely bring myself to open this post, but am glad that I did. It is so abundantly clear from your post that Steve was a lucky man to have you, and I'm sure he knew that. I admire both your and his strength and courage in how you faced the most difficult decision that can be made. I am saddened and shocked by how quickly things changed for you both.  I have some concern that this is how it may go for me, which is that I'll be alright until I'm not and then it will go quickly. Maybe that is a blessing. IMHO, nothing would be more important than hearing from your loved ones how much you mean to them before you pass, so it sounds like he had the best end to life that one could have. I wish I had better words to express my feelings but I don't. Please accept my sincerest and deepest condolences the loss of Steve. God bless you. 


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    Bad year

    This year has been horrible so many lost the cancer battle I feel so depressed.  So sorry to hear Steve is gone.

    Hughs George & Dyan


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    I am so, so sorry to read this news. My thoughts are with you as you go forward. You did all you could, both of you, and bravely. So sad for you.


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    So sorry for you and your family. I know your last post you let us know that he would not have more chemo, I just thought you would have more time. Just know Chelsea that you were the best wife and caregiver Steve could could have. We are all thinking of you Chelsea.
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    I'm so sorry that he has passed.  He was such a fighter and you, a wonderful caregiver.  My sympathies to you and I'm glad that you have decided to stay a part of our family here.  You will be a blessing to future caregivers as well as a wealth of knowledge.  May God be with you and give you peace.


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    I am so very sorry...

    Dearest Chelsea,

    I am so deeply saddened that you've lost such a wonderful husband and friend.  You and he have been so determined and strong throughout this battle; and you both certainly did your best to beat the beast down.  When you are ready, please reach out to us, we'll be here, keeping the light on for you.

    With much sympathy,



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    Dear Chelsea:

    I'm so very sorry for your loss.  I know exactly what you are going through and feeling right now.  It is horrible and there are just no words to describe it.  You are strong and you will get through the days that lay ahead and take care of the necessary.  A few weeks from now, when everyone goes back to their everyday lives, so much sorrow will sit in for you.  Please, reach our to Cynthia and myself for we will be there for you.  It is truly helpful. 

    With deepest sorrow - Tina

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    Sad news indeed.

    My condolences, Chelsea.

    You are obviously a strong woman, already planning to build othes up by sharing your exeriences. You are a wondedful example of strength for us.

    God bless you these weeks and months as you learn to iive without your Steve.

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    Wishing you peace

    I am so very sorry to hear this news.  I know you were both hoping for more time.

    You both traveled this road with dignity, grace, strength and spirit.

    May you and those who loved Steve find peace in knowing he is now free of this dreaded disease.


    Marie who loves kitties

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    So sorry

    I'm so sorry for your loss.   You are in our thoughts.


  • steveandnat
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    Dear Chelsea

    I pray for Steve and that he is no longer fighting this awful cancer.  Also, for you and everyone so very close to Steve.  He was a very fortunate to have you in his life. I'm so glad you will stay in touch with our group here at CSN.  Bless you.  Jeff

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    Dear Chelsea

    I pray for Steve and that he is no longer fighting this awful cancer.  Also, for you and everyone so very close to Steve.  He was a very fortunate to have you in his life. I'm so glad you will stay in touch with our group here at CSN.  Bless you.  Jeff

    Oh, Chels

    I'm just so very, very sorry to hear this. He fought so long and hard with you beside him all the way. Your strength shows through in your ability to honor his last wishes.

    Please find comfort in the love you shared.

    We will be here for you when you need us.



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    Sorry to hear your sad news


    May you be granted the comfort and courage you need to find your way through this difficult time.


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    Dear Chelsea

    I am so sad for you.  My heart goes out to you.  I am so sorry for your loss.


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    Aud said:

    Dear Chelsea

    I am so sad for you.  My heart goes out to you.  I am so sorry for your loss.


    My condolences. He did put up

    My condolences. He did put up a good fight.   Big hug. Very sad news.