Newbie with questions on Cisplatin and Taxotere Questions

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My husband was disgnosed with lung canfter the end of April. After all the tests, he had one very large tumor (8cm) in his lower right lung and no known metastisis. He was scheduled for a bilobectomy for mid June but it was delayed because he got extensive obstructive pneunomia and was hospitalized for 5 days. He did have a successful bilobectomy on July 1st. The surgeon removed the lower and mis lobes. Final pathology reveled that three of the hilar lymph nodes that were removed during the surgery were malignant.

We met with my husband's oncologist yesterday  The plan is for 4 cycles of cisplatin and taxotere. Does this make sense? From what I've been able to find, taxotere doesn't seem to be a preferred choice and doesn't often seem to be a choice for squamous. We do have an appt next week with the oncologist to ask additional questions before beginning the chemo.
My husband is being treated at UC Davis Medical Center. The thoracic dept meets every Wed as a team to discuss each of their patients and decide on a treatment plan. I do trust the team--this is just really new for us. His oncologist is also very new--He has been with UC Davis for just a few months after completing his fellowship at Stanford. The bad is lack of experience which I hope the team concept addresses. The good is he is heavy into the research side and spends half his time with patients and half in research. I just wish I saw more discussion about the use of this chemo combination . . .



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    Hi Diane

    I have been searching the NIH and cancer.Gov sites.  Check back, if I find something I'll post a link.  Wish I was more help.