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Hi all my dad was diagnosed with metatisloma it is a form of ung cancer caused by asbtos and it was a taggic time for the family. He was in a GYM seven days a week and rarely drank or smoked, he was it and had a pain in his right shoulder for years. The doc told him he was fitter then him that it was a strained muscle. God love him for such a strong man he couldnt handle the pain a coupe years later and went into hospital for an xray. The cancer was so big and angry it showed up straight away.  We were shocked through research on the inter we disscover that there is low survival rate with this type of cancer and were told 6-8 mounths.  He was in and out hospital constatly and had no quality of life. We believe that the chemo lower his amune system and yes o.k kept him alive but, we lost him inch by inch. He only could manage to take three chemo sesions and he had a tube in his lung that came out side his body and had to be cleaned constatly.  This helped him survive because his lung kept calasping without it.  However did not help when getting chemo because of his amune system down so low :( this raised they chance of infection because the tube was open wond.  It passed green infected mucus everyday and this continued til it got worse and smelt, till it eventaly fell out by itself. The doc decided to put it back in for the third time and by gao my dad was so fragile as it was we know at this pint there was no hope and still they decided this would help him. My dad screamed in pain and it is a memory I can not bear to think of.  Three weeks went by and with high meds he was feeling a little better. Nonetheless it was time to get to the hospice and the docs told us he was not pscologicaly ready for that! I was not empressed as they were not trained pschotherapist.  I fought the sytem and my dad eventually went to the hospice were he was recognised and was able to spen his lastfew weeks enjoying life. We had meals in near by pubs a few drinks laughter and happy memories. I just wanted to state that the chemo may be good for some cancer but effenitly not worth it for metatisaloma cancer from (asbtos).  


Furthemore my sis-inlaw has had cancer on the linning of the womb. She had this removed two years ago and had the clear. The docs said for precaution because it was a rare type cancer, " not sure the name " we will still give you radiation treatment, chemo and meds.  Two years on now they have descovered cancer spots the sice of the top of a pin on both lungs two small to take biopsy and are not sure weather ther thier two weeks two years or two mounths. They have assk her to wait two mounths to see if they grow. She has a swollen foot and leg a couple weeks now and this is how docs descovered her cancer spots. " Surely to god if a person is diagnosed with any cancer shouldnt they have mounthly checks in every part body, espacially the lungs scene as lung cancer is on the rise and so hard to detect early? I am woried since my father past fom a rare lung cancer my anty died secondary breast cancer and now this it is so destressing cant not sleep at all. Because she had womb canc removed is the cancer spots secondary cancer and can any one give me information about this? Thanks   


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    Glad you found this place.  I am so sorry to read about the loss of your dad.  I lost my dad to lung cancer too.  The doctors cannot screen monthly for lung cancer because there is no way to test that does not use radiation.  To much exposure to the radiation they use for X-rays, ct scans and pet scans can cause cancer.  Please note that your sister in laws pinpoint sized spots may not be cancer.  In order for them to be able to biopsy those spots they must be a minimum of 1 cm or about 1/3 of an inch.  Anything smaller than that and they may not hit the spot properly and the biopsy could give a false result.  

    Most spots on lungs go away after a couple months, that is why they want to wait.  If they grow, and if they are cancer, they may be metasteses from the uterine cancer.  This would not be a secondary cancer.  It would mean that there were cancer cell circulating when it was originally treated.  They would treat it with drugs that are designed for ovarian cancer.  If it is lung cancer, the treatment would depend on whether it is small cell or non small cell cancer. 

    Hopefully I have answered your questions.