Sacral fractures

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In response to BrokenJ, I too have both left and right sacral fractures caused by pelvic radiation in the winter/spring of 2012.  The right side fractured in Oct of 2012 and the left side fractured July 2013.  In pain, using walker, cannot sit.  Quality of life is poor.  Only leave home for doc appointments.  The right side fracture is not healing and who knows in regard to the left side at this point in time. 

I asked a zillion questions re side effects prior to radiation and read all of the American Cancer Society mention of crippling sacral fractures in the literature sent to me and the doctors were not forthcoming with fracture info.  Truly a cruel and inhumane outcome caused by the radiation.  I certainly would not have elected to have external radiation knowing I would be in pain and crippled for life with no quality of life...and most likely institionalized.  I still cannot grasp that licensed physicians destroyed the bones in the pelvic region causing my disabilities.  

Best wishes to BrokenJ...I sincerely hope your fractures heal.  Keep us posted.  

Does anyone else have fractures that did not heal or fractures that would heal but then refracture?




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    my name is Laz and I haven't heard anyone here having had those kinds of fractures. I'm very sorry you have to deal with such a debilitating condition. I don't know your age but unfortunately the older we get the more calcified and brittle our bones get and the radiation may add to that.

    wish you all the best,


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    I've noticed much difference in my hips after having radiation.  No fractures, but they seem weaker and the hip area is a big contributor of white/red blood cells which were destroyed in the radiation process.  My white/red count has been below normal ever since.  I'm told that spinach and organ meats help produce more.  Sorry you are having such problems and you are right, the doctors never tell you about these side effects.