Thanks and a clarification

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Hi, this is Mitch again.  To those who replied to my post I say thank you.  I want to clairify something though.  It's not so much that I have diahrrea, as it is that I cannot at times control a sudden need to have a bowel movement, which fortunately hasn't happened outside my home, but that's probably because I rarely leave the house because I fear an accident, if you know what I mean.  I'm hoping that this is something that will pass, no pun intended, and I will be fine in time........Again thanks, Mitch


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    Hi Mitch

    Thanks for the clarification.  It sounds like urgency better describes your situation.  I have experienced this many times and have probably run my fastest ever on the way to the toilet!  This, IMO, is a normal side effect from the radiation.  The good news is I truly believe it will improve with time, as it did in my case.  I still ALWAYS make sure I know where the bathroom is wherever I may go.  I would suggest doing exercises where you contract your sphincter muscles.  Stronger muscles can help you in urgent situations by hopefully giving you just a little more time to make it to the bathroom.  Radiation definitely weakens the muscles, but I believe they can be strengthened just like any other muscle with exercise.  I certainly understand your frustration, but I also think it will gradually get better.  Hang in there!

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    Acid control

    One thing we don't perhaps speak enough about here is GAS. My stomach was already too acidic but after treatment it became even more so. I switched to Apple Cider Vinegar (it helps), I take Prilosec before bedtime (this was actually recommended by my asthma doctor. The Otolaryngologist (I am a singer) added four Gascon pills after breakfast. This along with Psyllium Husks added to a smoothy every day and trying to watch foods that give me gas (brocolli/cabbage family is pretty much out now). Ony the tiniest serving of Legumes and watch out for oatmeal! Arrrghhhh! Even still, I experience exactly what you experience on a regular basis. It really bothers me when I am trying to politely excuse myself to use the restroom and someone is blocking my way chatting. I don't want to be rude but don't want to be messy either, ha, ha! Oh and in my smoothie I put Green Vibrance which features more than 25 billion probiotics which are really important also.

    We are all in this together. It's nice we can at least talk about these embarrassments and things that we really need to be prepared for. The first thing I do when I walk into a store is find out where the bathroom is. Everywhere I go I usually visit the bathroom as soon as I get there. We just adjust.

    Take care and don't get discouraged if at all possible. Let us know if you have any helpful hints you learn along the way adjusting to this.



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    some relief

    Hi Mitch, I have not yet had radiation but can relate to your situation, I have had multiple surgeries and biopsies that have caused damage to my sphincter, I must get up an extra hour before I can even take a shower and get ready for work since I am in the bathroom 3-5 times before starting a normal routine. I must always wear a pad, bring extras and wipes with me, I must know where a bathroom is wherever I am as well. I fear accidents at all times and the amount of leakage that may occur on any given day, I have found that Konsyl, is very helpful, If I miss a day I can see the difference so I know it is quite helpful, I also have had much success with physical therapy, I went for about 3 months, as that was all my insurance would cover (with many out of pocket expenses) after that I invested in a biofeedback machine to do my pt at home. I fear the treatment as I have been told the radiation will do more damage to the sphincter and there is clearly so much damage already. I hope you can find something from all the feedback on the boards that will help work for you, this is so far what I have found to help me, both reccomended by my oncologist.