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Just a quick note to say "hi" and let you know that I'm on a month break from chemo.... 3 1/2 years straight, I thought I deserved a break! I'm having a ball. We're taking our two older granddaughters to Maryland this weekend to see their younger cousin, planning a memorial golf tournament in honor of my brother, who passed away from pancreatic cancer last fall, having old friends come to stay, relandscaping, etc. I'll be back to chemo mid-August, but for now I feel like Superwoman and I didn't want anyone to worry that I wasn't posting.

I hope everyone is able to enjoy what summer has to offer. I'm deeply saddened about the news that Carlene has passed... what a supreme fighter and friend!

                                                     ((((HUGS))))   Maria

P.S. Want to hear crazy? We're getting a new puppy. He was born 1 1/2 weeks ago and we can't wait to have him home with us. He's an English Golden Retriever and coming from the same breeder as last dog.




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    Have a great time and enjoy your break. Love that you got a new ppuppy ,,they bring so much joy..val


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    You deserve it!  



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    Glad you are taking a break! You sure  deserve it! Enjoy each day of it. You give us all hope.

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    There's nothing more distracting than a new puppy!

    My last 2 dogs came at difficult times. The older came when my son was going through a hard time and the little one came just before my cancer diagnosis. I wouldn't change a thing! They helped to distract me in a good way. Maria, I hope the same happens for you!

    Enjoy every minute of your break from treatment and your new puppy...post pictures so we can see how cute it is!


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    Dear Maria!

    I am very happy for you to have this break, specialy in summer! It is nise you have plans, injoy every minut of it. Hug, Zina :) .

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    zinaida said:

    Dear Maria!

    I am very happy for you to have this break, specialy in summer! It is nise you have plans, injoy every minut of it. Hug, Zina :) .

    Hurrah, Maria!

    I'm so glad that you're getting a month break and making the most of it.  Pets bring us so much comfort and joy and they give us unconditional love, through good times and bad.  I'm excited for you!



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    Dear Maria

    You certainly deserve a break and you ARE a Superwoman. Have lots of fun and all the best to you, your family and friends.


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    Up, up, and away!

    Have a great time in Maryland with your family. It's fabulous that you have so much energy, but here's some unsolicited advice: try not to overdo.  I don't mean to sound like your mother (!), but I just know how easy it is to push too hard when you're having fun with kids. 



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    I'm glad you are getting a

    I'm glad you are getting a much needed break & having such a good time.  

    I did not know Carlene was gone. Cry I'm friends with her on Facebook, but was on vacation at the time, and was not seeing all posts.  I haven't been here in a while, as it sometimes gets me down. Thank you for the heads-up.