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Hello you beautiful people.  It's been quite some time since I've posted.  For those of you who remember me, I am usually trying to run as fast as I can from this beast.  That's why I keep my posts few and fewer.  I have checked in periodically to see how everyone is doing, though.   Glad to see that you are all (most) doing well.

The summer has been blistering here in NJ.  OMG ... I can't believe how hot it is out there.  My air conditioner is even panting! 

My husband officially retired in June.  Our focus is now on finding a new home --- and in of all places --- Las Vegas!  From one frying pan to the next.  We decided on this state because NV does not tax pensions.  And we believe the weather will be kinder on an asthmatic (me).  

I saw my oncologist yesterday and she finally put me on a 6 month schedule for visits.  A good thing, right?  I told her where I am going and she said she has a colleague in Las Vegas that I should look up.  Very cool.  

Although I seem to be beating BC, diabetes is another story.  My A1C shot through the roof (10.3) and now I am taking Lantus every night.  The doc says my pancreas is pretty much shot.  This happens when diabetes is overlooked for so so so many years.  Which is my case.  I've had 2 new eyeglass prescriptions within 4 months.  I need to get this  monster under control or it will bankrupt me.  

I am scheduled for a thyroid biopsy at the of this month.  Wish me luck.  The report shows hypoechoic and vascularity within all 3 nodules and that they show growth.  One of them grew 1cm in a year.  There is also a new nodule.  I am not frightened at all with this.  I know thyroid cancer (if it is that) is very treatable and curable.  It's just knowing that the possibility of cancer does exist.  

Here's one for the "only Mary" book.  I have a stone in my nasal cavity.  Yup .. you read that right.  It forms like a kidney stone.  Due to infections and crust that was left over from infections, a stone has formed.  Crazy right?  The ENT tried to take this stone out in his office using novacaine as a pain killer.  BAD move.  He was able to pull out a chunk the size of most peoples pinky nail and said that this stone is at least 5 times that size.  5 times??!!!   I screamed like holy heck when he was tugging.  OMG ... my husband ran to me and basically pushed him away.  I pretty much punched him.  It was a reflex reaction.   So, I have surgery on August 1st to remove said stone.   Like I said, this is one for the "only Mary" book.  Look it up online.  Nasal cavity lesions.  Be forwarned...it's kinda gross.

Hubby and I leave for NV on July 21st.  We are hoping to find our home in a short week.  I don't think it will be a problem.  We are planning to drive cross country so we can see this lovely land of ours.  I think the movers will be here on 9/25 and we will take off on 9/26.  I am so frikkin excited!  I do get teary eyed when I think of leaving family and friends.  But I am quite a social person and don't think making friends will be a problem.  The realtor we've hooked up with is trying to find us a place in an active adult community.  (can't bring myself to say 55 and older)  haha ... I just did.   I will post pics when we find "THE" place.

Praying that all my sisters and brothers are doing well and having a nice summer.

love you all,



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    Ms. Gebby!

    Hello! It is so great to hear from you!  Life has certainly had its ups and downs for both of us, be we are strong women!  Thanks for keeping up posted, and good luck with the move!


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    Good Luck House Huntiing!

    Hi Mary,

    I too have not been on the boards in a while, but I stopped in today and I see you posted!  It was nice to hear all about what you have been up to.  I hope you do well with the house hunting.  I think of you often and wish you nothing but the best.  The "Mary Story" is one for the books and I hope your surgery goes well.  Don't forget to come visit us once in a while here on the board.


    Love, Terry


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    Best Wishes

    Have a great trip cross country and may you find the house of your dreams quickly.

    Nice to see you back here Mary.  Drop by now and then, ok.  

    Love to you,


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    So wonderful to hear from you

    So wonderful to hear from you Mary!!!!  And I am thrilled you have graduated to 6 month visits!!!!  That is just awesome new!!!

    Now, get that diabetes under control!  You don't want the side effects that come with high blood sugar.  Although I do feel for you because I had a cat (diagnosed at age 6 and not overweight at all) who developed what acted like Type 1 diabetes-very unstable.  I tested his sugar often and, bless his heart, he used to come and get me when his sugar was off.  Not that I am comparing you to my cat (lol), but it was such a learning curve and a lot of work to try and keep his glucose steady (and I am an NP), so I really feel for you.  I must have done something right though with all that testing and insulin because he lived another 7 years and my vet said that my kitty was his longest lived cat with feline diabetes (years with disease).  So keep testing your glucose!!!!

    I have never heard of a sinus stone, so you did stump me.  The closest is my lab/retriever mix suddenly devloped a drooping eye (Horner's) and my vet thought it was ear related but never could retrieve anything with a cleaning.  He finally sent me to a specialist who said my dog had a stone wedged deep in her ear canal.  He showed it to me after he removed it.  I guess it was old wax and debris, but had turned into a large rock.  Sweet puppy has been fine ever since and her face and eye are totally normal.

    No more pet analogies...lol, I promise.

    I can't wait to see pix of your new abode.  Sounds so exciting!  Good luck with the move and sending lots of hugs!!!

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    Nice to

    Nice to hear from you and what's going on in your life.Sorry you had to go through all that pain for the nose.I also wouldn't be happy.I've had at times doctors do something they shouldn't.I lived through it but I'm more leary and through the years I get worse.

    My husband retires in Dec. They asked him to stay awhile longer.Why?Because he's installing robots to take the place of 400 workers.That will be bad.TO think 400 people will loose their jobs.

    We're like you wanting to find another house.Not out of state but maybe in another county.We need closer to city life.I't just that move with the older we get I'm dreading.

    Glad you see the oncologist every 6 months now.I was dx in 2009 and I see mine every 6 months now.AND my mammos annually.I was waiting for that but do get apprehensive when the time comes.

    Check back in with us after the move and you find a house.  I mentioned we're looking but if we downsize I have NO idea what to do with everything.I love my house but wish it was somewhere else.I've been cleaning out closets but not succeeding in getting rid of all I want to. You think I like that and then you keep it. And my husband won't let me clean his closet.I might throw away something he wants to keep. We need to look for another house with a basement.That's a must for us.

    Lynn Smith