3 Month Check Up Today

Today was my 3 month check up.  It was also the first appointment with my new gyno since we moved.  I was there for an hour.  She is super nice and wanted every detail of the last year of my whirlwind ride with ovarian cancer.  Se was very thorough and I love her.

All went well.  Everything is normal.  I guess I am off for 3 more months.

Hope all is well with everyone.




  • 123Miley
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    Great to hear!

    So glad you are doing well.  I know I would be really nervouse if I had to change doctors.  So glad you like your new one!


    Here's to continued good health!


  • lovesanimals
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    Hi Eileen

    That's terrific that you spent an hour with your new gyno.  She sounds wonderful.  I have my six month checkup with my oncologist next month, with a CA 125 blood test and am hoping of course that my marker is still good.

    I hope everyone is able to enjoy the summer.


  • Alexandra
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    Way to go Eileen!

    I am very happy about your result and the new attentive doctor.

    I had my 3 months check-up today. CA125 is 5. Nothing extraordinary. Also got my "DNR" form signed and bracelet ordered.

    It's 99oF (37oC) in the shade in Toronto. Brutal...

  • Pamela B
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    Wonderful news Eileen!  I am

    Wonderful news Eileen!  I am just three months behind you and have been following your progress since February.  You always give me hope and bring a smile to my face.  So glad the new doctor worked out.  It is such a crap shoot to change to a new one.  Keep up the good work and keep posting the good results!