Double mastectomy DIEP reconstruction June 25

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I had a double mastectomy with DIEP reconstruction June 25. I was in the hospital from Tuesday to Saturday.  Started with 8 drains, and came home with 5 drains. A kind woman from the breast cancer support group game me a homemade bag to hold all the drains--so helpful. 2 weeks+ post surgery I have no drains. I have necrotizing tissue on the right breast and on the belly incision. Cleaning and treating both sites with xeroform medicated gauze. Massaging the tissue to help break up the internal scar tissue. Still taking naps and not lifiting anything above 5 lbs. Happy with the amount of tissue my wonderful plastic surgeon was able to move up. 


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    Sounds like you have had

    Sounds like you have had quite a busy time.  Hope you healing begins to improve rapidly.

    I will keep you in prayer.


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    It takes time to heal and I

    It takes time to heal and I am so sorry about the necrotic area--hopefully it will heal soon.

    Just FYI, for others, my sister just had a bilateral and she was given a velcro drain holder by Virginia Mason in Seattle.  Here is an example of such a device:

    When I had my mastectomies (1987 and 1997), I had to tape and tuck...Lol.

    Sending hugs and prayers!