I'm Still Here!

MDCinSC Member Posts: 574

I'm trying to post this before things get dicey again.

LOL  For the last two weeks I have logged in, been able to, eventually, post about one response, then I have had all the rest of my responses to threads blocked by the security system. I don't know what is going on. I am reading, I care, but I am having problems responding.

I have written the Customer Service folks again, as well as the administrators about the delays logging on and the blocking. I hope it helps.

I'll keep trying, but if this is my one post for the day, I thought I should let you know I'm still around! Laughing

Hang tough all!



  • angec
    angec Member Posts: 924 Member
    Spammers at the root of it!

    It has been rough getting in here for quite some time now.  I give up and think i will take a break from CSN again! TW posted an answer as to why this is happenig.. comes down to spammers that TW will like to send up the river! LOL


    Nice to see you are still here, stick around!


  • Baaa-bs
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    Can log in,for how long?

    I too have been having a hard time logging in, so am unable to respond. Been having this trouble for a few weeks now. Hope you all have a great weekend!