Fellow patient shared a weight gaining shake from Nutrionist!

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I am copying the email here with the instructions in case anyone wants to know how to make it.


<<The smoothies will help with weight.    For smoothies, the best coconut milk is Natural Value Organic because it has no additives.  Unfortunately, the only place I know of to buy it is Amazon, and they are out of stock right now.  An alternative is Native Forest organic.  And you want the whole fat, not  the light.  Everything we've been told about fat our whole lives is very inaccurate.  Healthy fat is amazingly good for us and eating a high fat diet, of good fats, will help with weight and cholesterol.  Then to that, you add whey protein powder.  The best one is Vital Whey and it can be purchased at the U.S. Wellness Meats website.  It comes in a few flavors, or plain and they are all sweetened with stevia, instead of sugar.  To that base, you can add anything, berries, raw cacao powder, canned organic pumpkin and spices, almond butter, whatever she has a taste for.  If she wants fruit, it is best to stick with berries because they have less sugar than other fruits.  And, of course, everything should be organic.  You can also add any ground up supplements or the powder from capsules.>>


Of course be sure to only add items that you are allowed to eat....