Anyone else on Xeloda What can I expect

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Dr has put me on Xeloda, ( pill ) I have heard good and bad about it. Can any one that is on it or been on it tell me what your experience  was...


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    Xeloda - Norcalj has a post on the very drug


    I haven't used Xeloda because I take folic acid with Methotrexate (for my uveitis) it's not compatable.

    Not to far down the list Norcalj asked the same question.

    I know on the other two boards who are for mets only (Inspire and bcmets) have had a lot of women using this drug.

    Good luck to you,


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    Hi Kay, so happy to see you

    Hi Kay, so happy to see you posting.  I took Xeloda for a while, was taking 3000 mg (1500 morn, 1500 eve) and did very well with it.  Minimal side effects, if any.  Sadly, it didn't work very well against my cancer and we had to move on to another chemo.  However, I'm TN.  I did love the convenience of not having to go in for treatment.  Although I did feel a little weird at first about administering my own chemo.  I hope it goes as easily for you as it did for me; and that it WORKS! Hugs,