New Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

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Hello to all,

I have recently been diagnosised with Thyroid Cancer. My surgery will be in two weeks. Could someone that had surgery to remove their thyroid tell me what the recover time line was? How long before you could go back to work comfortably, I have a sit down job. Also how long before they start the radioactive therepy? Were you quarantined during radioactive therpy and if so how long.

Thank you for the feedback. I am very nervous and concered. I feel like I am in good hands at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.



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    The recovery time is


    The recovery time is approx 10 days.  Easy doing.  The time frame for the RI-131 treatment is usually 4 to 6 weeks post surgery, although your endo may have a different time line.  I was quarantined for 7 days - in my own home - as I am single.  There are some side effects:  fatigue, swallon saliva glands, headache.  Make sure you have lemon hardtack for your salivary glands.  Also, use warm compresses - 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off.  Also, massage the glands as well.  Drink plenty of water!

    Good luck, Bill

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    Barb...I had thyroid cancer too last year, did the I-131 Radioactive Iodine and let me tell you...LISTEN TO THE low iodine diet. All my Dr's said

    they have never seen a person do the diet that well. It was extremely difficult but it paid off!!! I also saw a naturopath and am totally feeling 100%

    after cancer was gone!!!!!! I am on 175 mcg of Levothyroxine and am taking 1 supplement and I cannot tell you how amazing they have helped me feel.

    Please take my advice! I suffered for a whole year and didn't have to. I hope all goes well with you and please let me know if you need ANY help!

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    It varies from person to person and also depends if you have just a thyroidectomy or if also have a neck disection as well.  The RAI side effects also vary from person to person and depend on the size of the dose.

    In my case I had a neck disection as well {extensive, 4+ hours in the OR ... 7"+ scar} and still my post operative pain was almost non-existant.  I did have a sore throat from being intubated, lost my voice for a few days and then I couldn't talk alot for several weeks without losing my voice.  I had drains in my neck for almost a week following the surgery which limited my activities for that time.  Long term, there has been some site pain, short sharp little jabs when the nerves wake up once in a while.  I also lost some feeling in the area where the disection was.  Probably the most irritating is sometimes my neck itchs down deep and scratching doesn't help, I have to rub to get it to stop.  But these long term symptoms have decreased and almost gone away.

    I had a small RAI dose, 73.1 mCi, and had no side effects from that at all.  I did drink alot of water after taking the RAI, a 10oz glass every couple of hours or so, so I was well irrigated.  Every time I had to go, I drank another glass of water and I did this for 3 or 4 days after the RAI dose. {I think 3 or 4 days, it's been over two years now and I don't remeber the exact details.}  I guess both the size of the dose and all the water I drank kept me from having side effects, or maybe I just wasn't suscesptible to them.