Security Issues?

MDCinSC Member Posts: 574

In the past week I have been utterly unable to post or comment here. I keep getting messages that for some reason I have been blocked and referred to customer relations.  Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm writing this in hopes of it getting published but I simply have to try and hope.



  • garym
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    See if this gets through...

    I got my first one today, thought it was the censors just trying out new surveillance techniques learned from the

  • alice124
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    Me too!

    It's been terrible. Site has been horrible over the past week or so and I have gotten many of the same messages. Today has been the absolute worst. My guess any downturn in activity on the site can at least be partially attributed to these problems. Sure hope it gets worked out soon. It's bad enough you get the message but you also lose what you have written unless you remember to copy before hitting the submit button.


    P.S. I've also sent a note to CSN support team.