TT Post Op - Tingling in Hands/Arms/Feet

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Had TT surgery 5-28-13 (Diag. w/Papillary cancer), exper. many complications (nerve damage, inability to speak above a whisper, and extreme fatigue). My Dr. has checked my calcium levels 3 different times and yet I am still experiencing muscle spasms, tingling of hands/arms/feet/face (was placed on Calcium pills w/Vitamin D daily). Dr took me off of Cholesterol medication and leg muscle cramping seem to have ceased. However, tingling in arms/hands along with mild soreness in arms has increased. Any feed back, this is Driving me NUTS!!!!!! I also seem very unbalanced (perhaps my lovothyroxine 150mcg need to be adusted, (start RAI Treatment on Wednesday 7-11-13), my skin seems itchy kinda (best way I can describe it). My bones seem to pertrude/throb at times (hubby said it's bcuz I'm loosing weight, but I don't think so--something if definately off balance). I nearly fainted twice (last wknd--guessing bcuz I hadn't ate since breakfast?) my Dr ran a series of blood test this past Wednesday, so we are waiting on the results from the labs. Anyone else experiencing tingling after surgery (perhaps its my spine)? I have been in my Dr office at least once a week...won't give up until someone can figure this out...What a roll a coaster I've been on, Geeish.


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    The tingling will get better when you get your calcium under control - it's probably your parathyroids not working or sluggish from all the trama.  I had to stay in the hospital 3 extra days and had several calcium ivs.....after awhile it DOES get better!!  Good luck with your RAI - I am 3 months out from that and I am finally starting to feel better.  Taste buds are returning and Thyroid meds are leveling off.  A great place for blogging about thyca is and explore groups, thyroid cancer group is very lively!