Happy July 4th!

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How did you all celebrate?

Guess what?  I made it to our friend's lovely place on the bayou and had a wonderful and relaxing break.  I was all bundled up and reapplied sunscreen frequently, but it was just what the doctor ordered!!!

Tomorrow is chemo again...sigh.  But today was a wonderful dream!


  • coco2008
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    Went to my daughter's and

    Went to my daughter's and watched fireworks with my grandkids.  And fought off mosquitos.

    My next chemo is tomorrow also.  If we went to the same cancer center we could chat for a while while they filled us up again. (It does feel like I am stepping up to the pump for a fill up.  With the price of gas these days, the cost is about the same.



  • LoveBabyJesus
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    Happy Fourth!

    Hi Cynthia -- I am glad you had a wonderful day. I hope you rest well tonight and have a smooth infusion tomorrow with no problems.

    I spent the day writing and caring for my 4 pets, one is sick. I can see fireworks from my window though. About to go to sleep shortly because I am feeling really tired. My energy is up and down these days.

    Good luck tomorrow and I'm sending prayers your way, always.



  • disneyfan2008
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    Went camping to Ct

    Went camping to Ct Shore-grandsons and youngest daughter (21) PERFECT weather and fireworks from the BEACH..