Well Husband starting Chemo again

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So, the onc took my husband off of Stivarga and has put him on Zaltrap with the pump.  His left vocal chord is still paralyzed and the scans show that there are no tumors in his upper left lung, so that is good. but the tumors he has have grown a bit (that is the bad news). But overall, we are pleased with the results. This is why the onc put him on Zaltrap, we are hoping that it reduce those tumors and stop them from growing.  This is last option, so we are hoping it works.  As for the paralysis, he has to go back to the ENT and they will start looking for other causes of the paralysis. So until then, we continue to fight.  He is happy and sad - happy to be off of stivarga (side effects were horrible for him) and sad because he has to carry the pump around again.  I asked him, well aren't you happy that you no longer have to deal with those side effects from the stivarga? I would much rather carry the pump around then have those side effects. 

So, we deal with it, fight it and move on.  We have started having NO CANCER WEEKENDS.  We don't think, worry or talk about cancer on the weekends or if we go on vacation. Since you don't get any test results or tests done on those days, we decided we should not think about it and enjoy our time together.  This summer we will be driving from the Jersey Shore to Mount Rushmore with my husbands brother and wife for our vacation.  My husband has always wanted to go there and we decided that this was a good summer to do it.  That too will be a cancer free vacation.  As my husbands brother said it will be our "Eff Cancer Trip"! and that's what we will do.

Enjoy your summer everyone and good luck to everyone in their fight!




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    I like your attitude.  My husband is also in treatment and I know he would love the name of your trip "Eff Cancer Trip" !!

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    I like your attitude, as
    I like your attitude, as well. Enjoy your summer.

    Eff cancer!

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    I'm off Strivaga also

    My onc took me off Strivarga since the last scans showed it wasn't working. Now I'm like you, running short of options. I've been on Zaltrap but in January Zaltrap wasn't working anymore. NexMonday  I will try Minomedcin by its self.  We are also looking at a trial.  I'm praying for you and I that these helpsme. Jeff