ketogenic diet and leucine

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It is coincidence that I am going hardcore into this stricter form of the ketogenic diet, i suspect the leucine restriction is where i got it wrong before.

the hbot is easy as i am a diver, its a good article to read if you are interested in dietary interventions. then of course mercola has many other healthy recommedations that differs from the standard of care offered in western countries. that said my german doctors and oncologist believe these therapies and are happy with my treatment progress, they desrcibe my results as a miracle.

exerise also works hand in hard with diet, about 20 minutes morning and night is all i try and do. goodluck whatever you decide.

if you are interested in any alternative and experimental therapies and the ketogenic diet in particular feel free to pm me.

I am highly critical of conservative standards of care when I am fighting for my life, i make no apologies for my opinion, i recognise however we are each free to pursue our on therapies and make our own choices based on our own circumstances. goodluck with whatever you decide.