Question about my latest CT Scan

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Hello Everybody,

I just finished my last herceptin treatment, and of course had a CT Scan, my doctor was on vacation, so I met with her nurse, and found out that my liver has a small hepatic cyst, the nurse told me not worry about it.  However after I got home, I looked at my blood work, and seen that my alakaline phosphatase level is elevated, it shows it was 148, the normal for me is 50-136.  But the nurse gave me the paperwork, and said all was well with my blood work, so I really didn't look at it until I got home.

Does anyone know anything about this, or have had this?  I am just scared that maybe the nurse wasn't wanting me worry just yet, since my care managment team came in congratulating me on my last treatment.  I am just worried about the cancer now spreading to my liver.

I feel good, I have gained about 28 pounds since March of 2012, but they say that is because of the herceptin, and that now that I am done, that I should be losing the weight.



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    Cysts, blood and finishing treatment!

    Cysts are not tumors and you only have one cyst.  I doubt that the nurse was just saying things to make you feel good.  If there was something she would have referrred you to your oncologist or another one.  I have had a cyst on my liver, thyroid, ovary and they are common and usually go away on their own.

    I once had alk phos go up but my oncologist and primary said it was ok and I believed them.  Mine was steady climbing and eventually returned to normal range.  Some blood values the number means something big when just a point or two out of range and others don't mean anything.  I would believe the nurse in your case, if she said there good, they probably are.

    Certain try to see your oncologist so that he can answer your questions and relieve your mind.  

    It is hard to go through the whole cancer treatment for a long period of time and suddenly "It's Over".  As happy as you are that it is over, your also scared that there is no weekly watch over your medical care.  Everyone that has gone through cancer treatments feels that way.  That can be scary and it is normal.

    Best wishes,