Improvement After Two Cycles of Sutent

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Mike had his first set of scans after two cycles of sutent.  We were hoping for at least stable but got even better - improvement!  No new mets and reduction and healing in bone met, and improvement in all others.  Now we can breathe again for a couple of months.  Hopefully sutent will continue to cause improvement.  Thank you God!


  • Suekub
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    Well done. Nice that you have had results better than you expected. I am so eager to get started on drug therapy but unable yet until I have some further surgery (tyroid and possible spinal) out of the way. bestcwishes for further improvement. 




  • saintmont
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    Well Done, Keep up the good workLaughing

  • foxhd
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    saintmont said:


    Well Done, Keep up the good workLaughing

    Feels good


  • Limelife50
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    That name Mikey sure does have a nice ring to it and by the way hats off to Mikeys wife,awesome scan report and a big cyber hug to the both of you!!!!

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    foxhd said:

    Feels good



    Isn't that what you see when the Pillsbury Dough Boy bends over?


    Way to go Mike!!!