Total thyroidectomy with left dissection and still NO ANSWERS!! Scared 39yr old mother of 3!!

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Hi all!! Thanks for being here!  I am in the hospital following a total thyroidectomy with left and central neck dissection.  My history is as follows.  I've been on levothyroxine 100mcg daily since my 3rd child was born 8 years ago.  Approx 5-6 years ago, I remember having a sensation of "something in my throat" that got called GERD.  Approx February of this year, I felt a sore lump in my neck.  it didn't go away, and I had it looked at late in may.  US showed a large left multinodular thyroid with 2 of them suspicious due to their vascularity.  FNA of the sore lump (a lymph node) came back suspicious for malignancy.  Couldn't identify the type.  So I just had surgery.  Doc said that when he lifted the left thyroid, it was hard and calcified-like. Odd.  There were several other hard little masses in the central neck.  One nodule was attached to the laryngeal nerve, and it took him an hour to remove it.  He said several lymph nodes in the central neck were affected, as well as the lateral neck.  The node he biopsied was the size of a small grape.  He removed shoulder nodes as well.  He feels as though he got everything, and was happy with the surgery.  Here's the thing! They still can't identify it or even say its malignant!  Odd, hard... The lymph node was more sudden, but this may have been there awhile. (I had also been having pain with swallowing, hoarse voice, sore neck since April).  The doc sent it out to a larger pathology because they couldn't identify it here...  my only big fear is that of anaplastic or mostly fatal cancer.  I know I don't fit the odds, but he did mention it as a possibility... Won't know for days!!!  Can anyone give me any ideas?? Thanks all! I'm glad I found this!  I Hate to worry!!


  • diagnosis?

    Did you find out if it is anaplastic? HOw are you doing with treatment?

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    So how did your story end?

    So how did your story end? I'm in a similar situation.