Yoga anyone?

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There haven't been any recent postingd about exercise but I am wondering if anyone
attends yoga classes?

I find them very relaxing and am lucky enough to attend for free since ad have a wonderful
cancer wellness center.

Sometimes my foot nueropathy worsens and is ok after a few days.

Chair yoga is really a great intro if you feel weak but need mild stretching and mind relaxation.

I feel it taught me some disciplines to control some of my cancer fears.




  • maglets
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    Barb I too love yoga.  We have a wonderful teacher at our Y butCry it costs about 80 dollars for 3 months so I am not always signed up.  I am so so pleased for you that you are able to get it free.  One of my biggest dreams for our town is a cancer care programme with yoga and perhaps massage and tea and talk. Our teacher offers chair yoga also and it is quite popular.  i love the stretching and the relaxation.  You are is very good for calming that monkey brain that skips around those constant cancer thoughts...I always think i am going to practice every day at home....but it doesn't work out that way....just not disciplined enough.

    it seems the constant worry of cancer and treatment just tightens us right up, contracts those helps

    namaste Barb.....keep on stretching......mags