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    I must have missed Kris's previous post about this...

    in the six months before I was dx'ed, i ran a daily fever. For several months, just a degree or two, and then as I got sicker, I started spiking fevers of 102-103 (but I think those were due to the fact that I had peritonitis, from my tumor eating its way through my colon).

    After I had surgery, the fevers went away and didn't return until I had a recurrence the next year.

    So I do think these fevers can just be part of the body's response to the cancer. It's too bad that it's not always enough to do in the SOB.

    Taking Steves evening temp
    Taking Steves evening temp has become quite a hobby (or perhaps obsession) for me. Last Folfiri was May 1 (no fever while on Folfiri). Two and a half weeks later evening fevers develop. From 37.8 - 39 degrees celsius. Had Folfox on Thursday and since then the highest his evening temp has been is 37.0. What this means, I have no idea. I just find it interesting.
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    Hi Kris ... first I would

    Hi Kris ... first I would just like to say I am sorry to hear of Jason's new battle.  I am also on Irinitican and need to have the nulasta shots with each treatment as I did with Folfox as well.  The shot is life saving, but does make me feel rather poorly for a day or two after.  Very sore.  Deep bone pain, fatigue, no appetite and nausea. 

    Wishing you both well.