Bad Itching

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Has anyone else had any troble with itching after their treatment of Abraxane Cytoxan and newlasta.  I have no rash but my arms and legs itch bad.  I took benadryl and that helps some but not completely.   Kathy


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    I had rash on my chest and upper arm areas, with little itching after my first Taxotere/ Cytoxan session. I took Claritin once daily for 4 days and it got better. That only happened after my first session.


    I hope you get better soon.



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    I forget if it was when I was

    I forget if it was when I was doing adriamycin/cytoxan or when I was doing taxol -- or because of all of that -- but I had itchy splotches on my left arm.  The pharmacist at my oncologist's office (and where I went for infusions) recommended I use a cream on it.  I forget at the moment what exactly I picked up at the store, but it was one of those typical anti-itch kinds of cream.

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    I used benadryl 50mg and it

    I used benadryl 50mg and it did help but the benadryl makes me restless so I couldn't sleep... it seems like I traded one side effect for another.  I had so much bone pain that I could hardly stand it and because my labs were so good the Doctor told me to take 1/2 the dose of neulasta(I self inject)  I still have pain but more tolerable.  well I guess I'll just have to take this all in stried one day at a time....  Thank you everyone!.... Kathy