Thanks For Being There!

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I was diagnosed on 5/22 with ILC stage 1.  Went through the surgery (scared to death).  Beginning rads next week, then followed by Hormone Therapy.  Through it all, my husband has been there by my side.  Through every appointment, the biopsy, the surgery, pet scan tomorrow.  I just wanted to say "thank you" my love for being there to lean on with all the unknown. Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder!  Don't know what I would do without your support!

 Thought I would put a post up for anyone who would like to say "thank you" to that special person who has been your supporter.  So often, they stand in the shadow of this disease...encouraging and picking up the pieces a time or two. 

Give a shout out to the one who always seems to be there for you just when you need them the most.  



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    I wish I had found this site

    I wish I had found this site while I was going through everything. THE ONLY reason I searched and checked it-someone said they were cancer servior -(skin cancer and one surgery) I only thought of myself as Have HAD cancer. When I joined in here I was told cancer is cancer to matter what treatments etc..(I only had radiation)


    Great place IF YOU need to be here...great advice, shoulder to cry on and friends to ride the :PINK bus