I survived my first chemo treatment!

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I survived my first chemo treatment.....but.....


Yesterday was a comedy of errors. I was told to be at the Kellogg Cancer Center by 8:45AM for blood workup and then chemo treatment to begin at 9:00 which is my standing appointment on every Tuesday. My husband and I arrived at 8:30 because I can't stand being late. After sitting in the waiting room for 45 minutes, I walked back up to the desk and asked what was taking so long. She told me that she would AGAIN call the RN that was going to see me for the chemo.  I sat back own and again tried to hold back all my emotions...... finally at 9:45 Kathy the chemo nurse came out and called my name.... Horray, Here we go!


She informed me she was under the impression that my appointment was at 10:30. REALLY?


Okay, I'm calmed down now, let's just get the show on the road.  I was immediately weighed and BP and other vitals taken.  The IV was put in (so glad it only took 1 time) and started to receive Benadryl, for the histamine to help with any side effects, zofron (sp?) to help with any problems  from feeling sick to my stomach, and lorazapam(sp?) to help with the nerves and it als from now on, I hope.o helps me not get sick to my stomach. I think we're a GO Houston!  Have to wait 40 minutes for those drugs to take effect.


Now comes the hard core chemo drug.... I kept playing cheerleader in my head    Be Aggressive...B  E  Aggressive..  They started the Torisel.   20 minutes into  my treatment I began itching like crazy!  OH no... I'm having a reaction!   RN's from everywhere came running in.... stopped the Torisel  and upped my histamine meds.  After waiting 30 minutes, I can begin again.  Finally finished at 2:05ish.  Not bad, way easier than I expected. But really.... I've been there since 8:30!!!!!!


Now the others come in..... social worker, an oncology nutrition guru and the hospital oncology pharmacist.


We finally made it home at 3:00. Full day!  But it is over until next week and really, it was not so bad. Hey, they give you drinks and snacks, more than I can say for the airlines.


Home sweet home and went to bed early. Just another day in my What I Did On My Summer Vacation saga.


Oh by the way.... something finally went in my favor! The bone scan and thorasic and lumbar MRI's I had last week showed NO cancer !  One small step for mankind, one HUGE leap for me!


I will be going in to have a port put in .... guess the chemo nurse said my veins just won't hold up. Should be a smoother treatment from now on.


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    Blimey! Baaa-bs that was quite an ordeal for you. Great news about your scans though..Congratulations!!! :-)


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    Djinnie said:


    Blimey! Baaa-bs that was quite an ordeal for you. Great news about your scans though..Congratulations!!! :-)


    Good news on the scans :-)

    Thumbs up on that and i hope your torisel treatment will be without too many side effects.


    Ps. Just to be the annoying layman, its not chemotherapy (just stating it to avoid confusing anyone).