Update-Kidney Cancer Treatments

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Great news evereyone, I am clear for right now!! My new visit will be in October, but right now I am 4 months closer to that 5 year mark! Thank you everyone for the prayers and words of encouragement.  This is like talking to family members that know exactly what I am feeling! Feeling wonderful today! I do apologize for making everyone wait for results until today, but when we got the news my husband drove us straight to our 31 foot boat and that is where we stayed this week-end.  Just enjoying being happy for a while before the next waiting period takes it toll on us! Thank you to everyone, you truly made a difference in helping me get through!  I have also learned not to worry about tomorrow, have fun today, and yesterday's is already gone, so I am truly living today with hope, prayers, and happiness for being here!!


  • garym
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    Gotta love it when a plan comes together

  • Djinnie
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    Hi Danbren,

    That is FANTASTIC!!!!  I am so happy for you:-) who can blame you for taking some time out to savour that news, I bet you were both on cloud nine.

    All the best 


    Djinnie x

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    Party at your place!  What time and what can I bring?

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    Thumbs up and...

    ...keep NED'ing :-)