Ketogenic Diet and Fasting

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    Has anyone experience with ketogenic diet?  it has been recommended to me by a friend.  It certainly has some different ideas, but the above link claims the ketogenic diet is a must for cancer people.  Also, fasting is a recommended treatment as well.  I used to fast one day a week, and at one time went on a 21 day fast, just drinking juices.  Not recommended.  Also, has anyone heard of or tried drinking their own urine?  I hope I am not violating any board rules by mentioning these things.  Thanks for your help. love, Swami Rakendra


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    The article that you


    The article that you referenced includes this statement, 

    "The strategy Dr. Seyfried suggests is a low-carb, low to moderate protein, high-fat diet, which will effectively lower your blood sugar. This is an easily measurable parameter that you can check using a diabetic blood glucose meter. This type of diet, called a ketogenic diet, will also elevate ketone bodies, as fat is metabolized to ketones that your body can burn in the absence of food. When combined with calorie restriction, the end result will put your body in a metabolic state that is inhospitable to cancer cells."

    As I understand high-fat diet is not heart healthy. I would not try anything that is not heart healthy

    I tried to drink my own urine when I was three, but  Mother told me not to......Mother knows best, so I don't drink urine. Swami listen to Mother.

    Here is one of the previous thread where we discussed life style in relation to prostate cancer and general health.