Happy Father's day....to all the dads, and the 'dads in mom's clothing', and the sons and daughters!

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Hugs, Kathi


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    Happy Father's Day.  Hope all of you have a very special day.


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    Happy Father's Day.  Hope all of you have a very special day.


    Yes, Happy Father's Day to all!

    I lost my dad several years ago, but this is still a day for me to think of him, and remember the good parts of a complex and sometimes difficult man.  And special thoughts to the dad in our little community who have been fighting so hard to stay with their children.  Big hugs~AA

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    Happy Father's Day

    A father or dad is not necessarily the one who donated the sperm.

    The man or woman who provides love, guidence and support is.

    My children were very young when their father and I divorced and he chose to no longer be in their life.  My own father stepped in and gave them that male figure that they could look to.  To this day, he gets Father's Day cards from them.

    So to all who are that person I hope you have a fantastic day with those you love you.

    Marie who loves kitties

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    It's a man's world....

    ...but it would be nothing without the woman's love.

    Happy Father's day to all the dads!!!

    Mine was weird, because I could not hold my new diagnosis back from my 15 year old daughter. We had such a good time and I felt so close, so connected to her, that not telling her felt more and more like a lie. She took it really well and held my hand for a long time. This was the best Father's day give I gould ever have. What a blessing. I feel I have an other very strong player on my team.

    Nothing but happy days for you all!