Gatoraid's Final Update

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I posted though I have been in and out reading.  It's been quite a journey since 8-17-2010 when my brother Jim aka Gatoraid, was diagnosed.  We thought he might be one of the lucky ones that would beat this monster, but sadly, he did not. He passed away June 7th @ 10 pm, just 8 days before his 66th birthday which would be today.   He had several surgeries, multiple rounds of chemo and radiation, each time thinking he had beat it back for a while.  The cancer came back with a vengence, right back to the esophagus at the site of his first surgery, from there it went to his lungs and it was a rapid decline from there.  He also had a tumor in his liver that was successfully removed almost a year ago.  He fought and fought hard every step of the way, never expressing his pain, always concerned about the people he loved.  He maintained his sense of humor and a positive attitude all along. 

My brother is my hero.  Since he was in Boston and I'm now in Tulsa, we spent a lot of time on the phone, talking, laughing, and crying, but with each day growing closer.  I will miss him more than one could possibly imagine.  Today being his birthday has been especially sad, but like every day since that day in August of 2010, we all go one thinking about a great man that was taken way too soon.

I would like to thank everyone here that answered our questions, shared their most intimate thoughts, and always provided excellent advice.  If there was ever any advice that I could pass on, it would be always get a second opinion, and never delay treatment under any circumstances.  

So on behalf of my brother, the great Gatoraid, thank you all for your kindness, your compassion, and willingness to share your happiness and your pain.  Whether you're a patient, a survivor, or a care giver, never give up.  Some day we will find a cure for this miserable disease. With much saddness Gatoraid said goodbye my friends, keep fighting the good fight.

God Speed my dear brother Jim.  I love you and will forever miss you.   


  • TerryV
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    All I can say is Damn.....

    I'm so sorry to hear of Jim's passing!  It would be lovely to see someone survive this durn beast of a disease.

    I'm sorry for your loss!  Your brother was a good man, with a kind heart.  He was always very nice to me.


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    lost battle to fEC, June 19th, 2012

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    TerryV said:

    All I can say is Damn.....

    I'm so sorry to hear of Jim's passing!  It would be lovely to see someone survive this durn beast of a disease.

    I'm sorry for your loss!  Your brother was a good man, with a kind heart.  He was always very nice to me.


    PROUD wife to Nick, age 49
    lost battle to fEC, June 19th, 2012

    Thank You Terry

    Yep, that's the kind of guy he was.  I couldn't have asked for a better brother, sometimes dad, but mostly friend.  When I needed him, he never once let me down.  This is the hardest loss I've ever experienced, I so wanted the phone to ring and have his voice say Hi.  This has been a roller coaster ride from day one.  I know how scared he was, he told me but he never told anyone else.  I don't think he spent a single day that he didn't worry about everyone else first and then himself.  He didn't want anyone to know how terrified he was.  He shared that deepest intimate feeling with me.  I am so proud to have been his brother, his confidant, and his friend when he needed to let the wall come down.  I believe anyone facing this kind of living hell, has the same thoughts, the same doubt, the same fear yet they don't tell anyone.  I'm glad I could be his friend through the most frightening part of his life.  It may be selfish of me, but when my time comes, he won't be able to be there for me.  I have my son, he will have to be my strength, my friend, my sounding board.  As hard as that is, it's an amazing feeling to be fortunate enough to love someone and have them love you so much that they are comfortable enough to share their inner most thoughts.  He was a good man. 

    Thank you again Terry.



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    I am so very sorry to hear of Jim's passing


    I am so very sorry to hear that Jim has left us. I remember his brave spirit and sense of humor. He really seemed like someone who had the right attitude to beat this thing. We have lost so many of the folks that have been a part of this forum over the last year. It is very sad.

    My deepest condolences for your loss,

    Best Regards,

    Paul Adams

    Grand Blanc, Michigan

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    So very sorry

    I am so sorry to read about the loss of your brother Jim. I am new to this site but I can cerntainly read through your words what a figher he was and how much he was loved as well as loved. May you find comfort in knowing that his pain has ended here on earth and that one day you will see him again as I believe we will all meet those we have lost before us. I truly hope that those we lose along the way will help the medical community find a way to stop this disease.

    Happy Birthday Jim!


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    This is the hard part of
    This is the hard part of returning to this board. I thought of your brother often since his post of recurrence to his liver. I was really hoping that silence meant he was doing well and out living life. Jim was always a source of inspiration for me with my husbands cancer journey. He had a sense of calm and had a great positive attitude.

    I am so sorry for you and your family, cancer is so unfair.

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    Jim's Brother

    I am very sorry for your loss. May you find peace and strength in all the memories of you and your brother. 

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    Sad news

    I am new to this site and sorry to hear about your loss. EC is a nasty cancer. My husband is fighting it , stage IV, diagnosed Dec. 2011. Although, it seems a long time now, he has taken so much chemo and just finished radiation, the roller coaster ride is far from over.

    Wishing you a peaceful life journey and trust you have been a great sister and friend to your brother. You will see him again.

    God will bless you .