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So Larry told me late last night that he has been having blood in urine and clots. When I asked him when it started, he said yesterday morning! He showed me (sorry graphic), it was pure red with many clots. Called the .dr and he sent us right to ER. Urine showed no infection, INR for coumadin was way too high again. Blood work shows he is getting infection somewhere. He is home now exhausted. NOW he tells me he has bad abdominal pain and backpain, yet denied this at hospital. Please pray that he starts to cooperate. This is so frustrating. I think he is giving up. 


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    What is it with men that they can't admit they are in pain or feel really bad.  My husband won't tell me and when I ask after watching him, he will say he is fine and when we go to the doctors that's what he says until I disagree with him and tell the doctor what I see and feel.

    I know how hard this journey is.  Have you talked with your husband about what he wants to do since he isn't telling you or the doctors the truth?  Telll him that there is no way the doctors or you can help him if he isn't truthful as to what is going on.  We can't do more for them, if they don't tell us. 

    Wishing you both the best -- Sharon

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    Prayers and thoughts

    PLEASE keep us posted on how Larry is doing. I think it is difficult for men to admit when they are in pain and if Larry is like my husband, ANYTHING that may send him to the ER he would rather suffe and remain silent than speak up and should we do go, I know he would keep things from them in fear of being admitted so I am not totally surpirsed Larry did speak up to you right away or at the hospital. The good thing is that he did tell you so fingers crossed he can shake this and the infection will be controlled.

    Thinking of you both always


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    I hope Larry is ok, home and

    I hope Larry is ok, home and resting. I don't know what it is about men and hospitals but my father absolutely hates going.  Even before EC, if he would injure himself or if something was wrong he wouldn't say a word until it got too bad. Even then he wouldn't tell the doctor everything. Now, I think it's a fearful problem for him, afraid that he will have to stay or find out that it's something terrible.  As always, Larry is in my prayers and so are you.  I know that no 2 people are the same, but if it makes you feel any better my father definently has his good and bad day's too.  He injured his hip, fell out of bed last week, and has refused to go to hospital. His doctor has him seeing an Ortho guy on Thursday.  Again, doesn't want to go to hospital to get relief.  Since then he's been in a terrible mood, says he's sick of being sick all the time. That he's 55 and has the body of a 80yo, can't even get out of bed without falling.  I guess I just let him have his moments, it's hard sometimes to bite my tongue. I feel bad for my mom.  Wish you guys the best!!