What a crumy roller coaster that I'm waiting in line to ride.

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ct/pet Today indicated one small recurrence at anastamosis, a hot spot in the lower spine and also in right hip. Doctors do not believe it to be cancer related but are consulting bone specialist.  We caught it early enough to classify as stage 1...with a stretch to stage 2 but no distant events and no lymp node involvement.  Radiologist visittomorrow for his point of view and bringing surgeon on board next week for his input as well.

Still not to keen with any surgery, I don't have much left in there, but will try and keep and opEn mind.  I'm just past ready to get on this ride so I can hurry up and get The hell off it!!!!


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    It is good that they caught things early

    So sorry to hear it is definitely a recurrence, but it is good that they caught things early. Perhaps since it is an early and localized recurrence there can be a complete response to chemotherapy and radiation. I hope you get positive results from your meetings with the radiologists and surgeon this week.

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