How much weight do you have to lose before you are in the danger zone? Larry continues to lose weight. He refuses to make an appointment and he eats very little due to his throat issues. When he does eat he usually eats too much because he is so hungry. Always dealing with either dumping from overeating, or he is in tremendous pain from his throat and loss of voice. So he is down to 2 -3 meals a day and very little at that. Usually pasta is the only thing he will eat. Mac n cheese, tuna noodle, or spaghetti. He has lost 10 more lbs in one week. A total of 48 lbs since surgery March 22nd.


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    Just met with Dr. Orringer

    Laura and Larry,

    Clint and I just met with Dr. Orringer for the first time today.  We know now why you chose him. He explained everthing clearly and positively.  He also reminded us that throughout this treatment (sometimes miserable) Clint has to keep his sights on the endgame.  Larry, one of things he emphasized with us today was how necessary it is to let them know right away when problems with eating or drinking become an issue.  He said sometimes people avoid letting them know because they want to avoid a j-peg or nasal feeding tube but that it can allow healing.I don't know if that is what is happening but let them help you figure this out.  I know we are just at the beginning of a long battle but hope we can all encourage each other to do take care of ourselves and each other.

    I'll write later regarding all the good,bad and frustrations.  Take care.