Questions regarding GBM IV (Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage IV)

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Hello everyone, I'm currently 21 days into Radiation and chemo. Just had a few questions, wondering if anyone would be kind enough as to answer/give their opinion on:

1. Budwig Diet 

  • Diet focusing around flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. Read a lot of great stuff about the Budwig Protocol....have been taking the magical mixture (flaxseed oil and cottage cheese) daily. Does anyone have further information about this diet or tried it? The testimonials are very promising.

2. Hemoglobin 

  • Blood counts are taken and everything is normal except for my hemoglobin level which is slightly under (99). Though my Oncologist says I should be taking Iron supplements to increase this, my dietitian says I should leave it as is because my body is purposely doing that to starve the cancer cells. Should I take the iron supplements or listen to the dietitian?

3. Hair Loss

  • I love my hair...I mean everyone does (I'm assuming)...but I really love my hair and seeing quite a few fall off is very depressing. Any suggestions as to how I can "prevent" the hair loss or make my hair stronger so that it does not fall out??

I have cut sugar and dairy products out of my diet. No grains as well. Eating fully organic and fresh foods.


I would greatly appreciate any input on the topics mentioned above....every bit of feedback means the world. Thank you so much and God Bless!



  • Rayanmckee
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    GBM iv

    Hi, I had my surgery in Dec'12, followed by 6wks radiation+temodar. Radiation ended in Feb. my hair is coming back now, slowly. I lost only the hair in the pattern that the radiation rays burned; ie: a diamond shape on the back of my head, a strip above my right ear.

    I had never heard of your diet, I will have to look it up. I know yu are not supposed to do supplements during radiation , except vit b6 /12. I do heavy amounts of vitamin c (Linus Pauling study) , also fish oil. Senna tabs and vit C help alot with the constipation, lol. I try not to eat meats. Staying away from sweets and coffee is my biggest challenge.

    About blood counts; they recently increased my Temodar ecause my counts weren't dropping enough. "Not toxic enough" is what my oncologist. So don't be stressed over your counts, they want them to drop. Just be careful what you do and come in contact with, your immune system is low.

    Take Care! Ryan